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What kind of knowledge is necessary in management of stationery shop?

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Open a stationery shop has become a strat step for many entrepreneurs, there is the low standard in stationery but a lot of knowledge should be reserve before.
The positioning 
There are so many type of stationery such as student stationery, office stationery,gift statioenry and so on. According to the style, there are the following style :Japan and South Korea,simple, practical, popular,cartoon,lovely and luxury.It is very nerve-racking problems for stationery shopkeeper.So, before open the stationery shop, it is necessary to know the positiong and sales.
Stationery agent and knoledge about bulk
Stationery agent is to find a stationery brand then replenish onr's stock from them.It is very convenience.But, the products style of agent is fixed or only two or three types.You should to puchase the bulk stationery in every wholesales market.To classify and sales.Some of creative stationery should be sales in the special ways.It is need the idear from stationery design.
To choose the platform
Now, there are more and more stationery shop online.Such as eBay,Amazon and so on.You need to make clean about this platform whether you choose everyone.It is necessary to make clean the operation knowledge and the use rules.There is the similar operation, but the detail of a platform is different.
Understand the courier company
At present, there are four types in China's express.Type one: foreign express including FEDEX, DHL, TNT, UPS,GLEX ect.The foreign express always hve the rich experience,enough capital and advanced global network. Tyep two:state-owned express delivery companies, including EMS, CAE,CRE and so on.State-owned express delivery companies are leading in the front with its background  advantage and the domestic sales network.Type three: large private courier companies such as S.F.EXPRESS,Shengtong,Yunda and so on.Type four,the small private express enterprise, it is small but flexibility, it is more suitable to the city express.
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