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Stationery brand gain the markets endorse from innovation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-08

Although there is keep weaken in the 2012,the premium brands still occupied a considerable market share,most of famous stationery brand were speeded up the pace of the expansion in network and achieve the good results. In contrast, many statioery were reduced the shop and said that the living room is smaller and smaller.Under the competition of big brand and the weak economic brackground,the small and medium-sized stationery brand manufacturers should to develop the innovation than gain more markets endorse.

Changing of statonery product innovation

At present,the development of domestic stationery market  is confusion:There is the better quality of stationery product but low in the design and technology innovation.And with the serious product homogeneity in the first and second city;And there are lots of low-end stationery product in the thirdly and fourth market.Those businessmen are generally lack of the brand awareness.They copy the stationery appearance with the low proice then to gain the most of market share.

Personality,quality,environmental protection are the key words of stationery products.It is product competition in the market competition.Stationery enterprise should be committed to the do the product innovation.The appearance and function of stationery product should according to the concumption group needs.To sparate the different ages of consumer groups,truly realize R&D on demand.The characteristics of stationery manufacturing also decide its innovation should not only in the prodcut appearance or marking craft,but also in the sales model.
Market like battlefield,if said that the best defense is to attack,in the market,"Innovation is the most powerful attack".Stationery enterprise only to keep the innovation so that make the consumer keep the fresh for it.And make the difference with competitors,to formed the different between both in short time.

To reflect value under market recongnition

Nowadays,there are many stationery enterprise has accelerated the brand construct,however,there is only a littere of them come to the international market.Although there are most of enterprise attaches great importance to brand construction,they failed with the late started,poor foundation and  lack of experience.
Most of enterprise thinks that the "brand value" shoule be higher as long as make the quantity advertisement of product and with the big market share and the enough funds.It is the a kind of bling optimism.Macor data just show one side of brand value,the top of brand value should be acceptabled by the consumers from the bottom of heart.The consumers are willing to pay this brand products.It is the value of brand.

Big promotion could not make the woderful longer during the moder market.The entrepreneurs have to put down the figure,to steady the psychological orientation and consumption habits of consumers.Then to improve the consumer's loyal.

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