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The change of stationery wholesale: brand stationery VS traditional stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-23


           As the change of stationery industry, consumers start to have a clear direction of demand for stationery.It also affects the operation of  the tradition stationery wholesale.As more and more consumers are favor of brand stationery, and have a certain requirements of stationery products.There are more and more stationery stores and specialized market which mainly manage the senior brand products, so that the influence of traditional wholesale market will be gradually weak!



         At present, many small wholesalers are in traditional markets rely on the difference of product distribution  to make a profit, but those wholesalers that really can provide services and support for lower dealers retailers is becoming less and less,so that some big brand stationery direct supply the products,to avoid the traditional wholesalers.


          Now,when face with the variety of stationery products,we have more and more choice now.The diversified, multi-level consumption structure of stationery products has been formed, and also developed to the high-end product.It is understood that the existing well-known stationery brands at home and abroad has been more than 500, not including "Japanese goods"and "Korean goods" which pouring into the stationery market in recent years.


          The personage inside course of study thinks, many traditional stationery wholesalers have less effect on brand stationey ,but it will be a pity to give it up .On one hand ,they don't want to  spend too much time and ways ,on the other hand ,they don't want to give up the resource that the wholesales have,actually they still need to rely on wholesale channels to promote sales and the way of communication that wholesalers and consumers have already formed.


          Undeniably, stationery sales entered the brand age, brands are challenging traditional stationery.So as stationery market competition intensifying, and the management mode of traditional wholesalers will be eliminated, because of this, also need their initiative to seek a new transformation.


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