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Stationery enterpriese face the test in weak market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-10-09


For stationery suppliers, the year of 2012 is a tough year.Or it is a crisis year.In this years, affected by the deteriorating market environment,the domestic macro economic downturn and rise cost.Consumer begin to make tighten pockets and reduce the demand of stationery.
And the market environment is getting downward:the decline domestic economic,the harder and harder development for enterprises, the higher and higher production cost and so on.Such problems will get bigger and bigger.
Weak innovation,more and more homogeneity make the more and more fierce competition.The increasingly savvy and rational of consumers make the effect of promotion is not as good as pass.
Larger brand in International have taken the first-tier cities and second-tier market.It is made the stationey enterprises feel pressure.The reshuffle in stationery industry more complex.
The extensive development mode for many years, accumulated a lot of problems.Once there is an exception in market environment, all kinds of crisis will make the stationery company could take charge of it.
Under the penetration offensive and promotion for first-line brand,the advantages of second and three brand has strength weakened.Lacking brand influence and the excellent product.There is very diffcult to increase the saless growth.
In addition, in terms of product research and development, some stationery enterprises have no insight into the different demand of consumers.They only to attact consumers from the advertising bombing.
And ignore to make the improvement of their products,even make a lot of sham products in maket .It is cause the bad competition.On the other hand,the weak market also make the diffcult develpment for stationery manufacturers.
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