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Lepusheng analysed three tips for the stationery brand operation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-24

A sucessful business stationery brand,its value is immeasurable.Brand is not only a name of proudcts or the product reputation.Brand is all the experience of the consumer.It also the way to compete with conmpetitiors.

Brand is the general performance of the stationery enterprise's management.It is no only the bridge for the enterprise into market but also between the consumers.It also the basis of position market.From a consumer point of view,it is the guarantee of purchase and serveice,the tool to reflect the identity and personality.It also the tool to meed the higher requirements.
So,how to manage the stationery brand,how to make the management be more attractive?

Leading brand

There is the competition and cooperation relationship between the competitiors in brand.The core competition is not the confrontation.But it is the competition and cooperation relationship which according to the actual market,the position of the market and the competitors' attitude.It is hard to see there are the stationery manufactueres only has a brand.But there is must have a leading brand.For the leading brand,the enterprise should do the best to make it become a national or international brands in the time as short as possible.And bring the good effect to the enterprise.

Improve the enterprise image

Corporate image is the basic and  important embodiment of the commodity and culture.The good stationery enterprise is easier to gain the customers trust,cooperation,and the social support.It is the communication relationship with the consumers.The goal of the brand management is to study the demand of the target consumers.To make the consumers know more about the brand content through the adveritising promotion and the publich activities which according to the overall strategic planning.To establish the brand position in the consumer and improve the brand loyalty.

The operation of the brand capital

To create the brand is the primary stage of the stationery brand development.And the brand management is the highest stage of brand development.The oeration fo the capital including the acquisitions, transfer, licensing operation,compensated use and so on.To  introduction of international and domestic brand.And it needs the idea of capital operation.To know to buy a good stationery brand,it means to buy a good stationery market.At persent,This kind of brand capital operation management is the commonplace in the world as well as at home.

There are the much difficulties problem to manage a brand.It is necessary to invest more in the development.It needs much more promotional costs. Do more word in the brand capital operation can reduce the resistance in brand constuction.And  greatly reducing the stationery brand promotion costs.

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