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Security problem is difficult to eliminate for the multifarious stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-29


          Every time when we visit  stationery market, it is easy to see that there are many kinds of stationery products, so the parents should cautiously choose the good stationery products.From the quality supervision and spot check of students stationery data in 2013 we can see  that the sampling of 148 companies which producing 187 batches of the tip, the primer stationery products, the percent of pass is only 90.4%.Although with the development of the stationery industry in recent years, stationery market is increasingly mature, but the quality in domestic stationery industry are intermingled with good and bad products, and though the stationery products on the market are not famouse, and the current related specification show strict stipulation on stationery production, but there are still some "3 without stationery" in the stationery market, in addition, the labels are not complete with stationery manufacturers and product composition, so it naturally appears a safety hazard.



         It is understood that as early as April 1, 2010, China formally implement the general requirements for safety of student supplies.New standards shows security requirements for minor students with eight aspects , strictly stipulate the pigment, pens and other products of the eight kinds of harmful elements such as lead, mercury, arsenic, maximum limit, bag, pen bag, etc. The formaldehyde content in fabrics and accessories used must not exceed 300 mg/kg, stationery cannot have sharp edges, burrs,and the scissors for children must be round head, brightness of homework should be no greater than 85%, so that can control the stationery. According to the regulation, the national standard is applicable to minor student supplies, including watercolour, crayon, pencil sharpener, eraser, dry and bag etc.


           Although the rules has been in place for long time, but it is not difficult to find a lot of stationery wholesalers don't know the national standards, their just sale popular student stationery,and  think those which are loved by the masses of students are good stationery.Actually it is wrong, not only the wholesalers, there are many stationery consumers also lack of appraisal of stationery,they do not know the stationery are good or bad, let alone the consumption of small and medium-sized students.To ensure the safety of the stationery products that children use, parents should  pay attention to the choice of products, so it is preferred to choose those famous brand.


           This is not only an effective way to choose good stationery but also a kind of trend, the requirements of the product's brand is also the course of the future consumer market.For stationery manufacturers,to improve the quality of products,and build brand image, is the the way to the healthy development of the stationery.For the consumers, to improve their own understanding to the common sense of  some stationery  is very important, especially after understanding the knowledge of stationery ,then parents will be more  to more clearly what to choose for children, but don't be fooled by a variety of stationery products.


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