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2013 the 27th (China)Beijing Internation Gifts and Home Appliances show

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-15

【Exhibition information 】

Exhibition Date: March,14-17,2013
Venue: China international exhibition center
Add.:International exhibition center,North sanhuan road No.6,Chaoyang,Beijing,China
The organizer: Beijing Lizhanhuajun exhibition Co., LTD



【Background information】

Beijing Internation Gifts and Home Appliances Show would be hold by Beijing Lizhanhuajun exhibition Co., Ltd in March,14-17,2013.And it will the 27th of Beijing Internation Gifts and Home Appliances Show.

After many yers of development,the Beijing Internation Gifts and Home Appliances Show be well known in the line of gift and home appliances.And it is the biggest shows with 50000 square meters exhibition.And it is the unmissable exhibition.It known as "The first north show in China".

The development for many years accumulation, nice HuaQun Beijing gift show, has become a row are familiar with the industry exhibition, 50000 square meters exhibition scale also beyond doubt in north China, east China gifts in the guild to outshine others, become a gift the personage inside course of study to be missed gift industry event, is the industry known as "north China first gift show".

At the fair,you can find a lot of gift and home appliances supplies from south.There are over 80% of gift and stationery manufacters are on the coastal economically developed areas such as Guangdong,Zhejian,Fujian,Jiansu.It is make the south become the gift basis.

【Exhibition range】

Arts and crafts, various kinds of crafts in ceramic,crystal,glass,metal,gifts, promotional products, promotional advertising products, welfare, festival promotion products, brand electronic products, memorial collection and COINS, stamps, organic food, top grade business gifts, leather bags, office supplies,stationery,home appliances , furniture,homedecoration products, soft adornment, hutch defends supplies series, home textile products, creative gifts, folk gifts, children and adult educational products, toys and infant child child daily necessities, travel and outdoor supplies, fitness and sports equipment, media,associations and trade services, etc.

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