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China stationery speed up the brand strategy in industrial foundation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-22

China is not only the biggest stationery production,consumption,exporter in wold.But also have the biggest scale and the most complete industry chain.However,our country is big but weak.The main reason is cuase the weak independent innovation.The current sales rate is hard to supply China development.So we needs to change our development model and speed up the adjustment.

China stationery industry needs the soild industrial foundation.Compared with other countries,China has the top industry chain.However,There is not enough in the brand construction.Enterprises should put the effective brand development strategy in the first place.Brand construction is differeent from the general management.Brand with the scientific ideology.

It can say that brand is the key to improve export competitiveness.China exporting stationery are beautiful and cheap.Under the such situation.It is difficult to improve the profit margins.

China exporting statifonery products without brand or belongs to the interior.Or as the OEM producter for foreign brand,they pay the labor and sweat but without huge profit.Under such situation,what about to make the export competitiveness?So,it is need their own brand for exporting enterprises.Especially to display their glamour in the international.Brand constrction is a  long-lasting battle.

Most of famous internationl brands have to experienced a long history in brand development.So that stationery buinessmen need not too rush.It is need a brand position for enterprise.To make a image with clear and different from competitors.

Stationery industry as the specialty industry in China.Only to improve the international competitiveness of export stationery manufacturing can make optimized in China  industrial structure.

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