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Differential marketing is the key to promotion of stationery enterprises in the future

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-28


         After a major economic crisis,stationery industry has changed completely, those stationery brands who can survive have a huge space to grow up.So it can say that the stationery market must grow rapidly in the future.As stationery enterprises growing maturely, and the international famous brands pouring into the market, so that those small and medium stationery enterprises have difficulty to survive.In a word ,they should based on the market,and do well in differential marketing.



         In the process of stationery promotion.There are lots of promotion activities everywhere, but for consumers, it is boring if the promotions are almost the same .The excessive and consistent promotions will make the consumer produce aesthetic fatigue and disoriented.So how to highlight the characteristics of  stationery enterprises and effectively attract the attention of consumer in sales promotion?Lepusheng think differential promotion is the most important.


         Stationery business who want to successfully attract the attention of consumers should launch want the consumers like.While the entertainment is a key factor to attract their attention .Sales promotion should not only giving gifts, but to make the consumers feel the happiness of shopping and multiple benefits, and try to increase the entertainment and fun of promotion, because the customer is not only to buy things, but want to have pleasant experience in the process of shopping, if shopping become a funny thing,then the customer must be more willing to buy?


         Apart from this,we should make consumers participate in, because promotion is not unilateral, and also not what you must give them, now, all kinds of sales promotion in our daily life,see how many of them really to buy?Tthe reason why the consumers are indifferent is that there is no participation, those with no participation of promotion is very difficult to stimulate the customer's interest, so don't do it for money, we should do promotion around people, to attract people, then naturally your  goods can be sell out.


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