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The 116th Canton fair is coming,high quality stationery is popular

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-19


          On October 15, the 116th Canton fair will be opened.The China import and export fair is the Canton fair helds in guangzhou guangdong during the spring and autumn every year,it has a history of 57 years.It can be said to be the neutralizing international trade event which has the longest history,the highest level, largest scale and the most complete selection and most merchants in China.



          For many Chinese manufacturers,Canton fair is the most effective and direct way to contact with foreign merchants.As a result, many stationery factory is no exception, they attract overseas buyers through the exhibition.Stationery manufacturing industry has huge competition in our country, so how to stand out among many stationery factory, Lepusheng believe that high quality stationery products can be popular with foreign merchants.


          Excellent product quality


          In the past in order to open the stationery export trade situation, a lot of stationery manufacturers will have competition on price, but with the development of the stationery industry and the development of overseas purchaser, more and more buyers put forward higher requirements about the quality of the stationery products, stationery industry level requirement also become higher amd higher.In recent years, China's export orders move to southeast Asia, as well as the rising factors of production, stationery export pressure also increased sharply.However, compared with southeast Asia stationery production, stationery industry in China has more advantages, depending on the improvement of the stationery production level and experience in our country.And the quality of the product is proof of that, this also is the main reason that they are paid attention by the guests in the stationery exhibition.


          Stationery originality should have a breakthrough


           Novel stationery products should always seize person eyeball at the fair, let alone creative stationery.Product innovation is a major task faced by all walks of life.More and more consumers prefer a personality and creative products.Scientific and technological level and product innovation are the most popular ones for the consumers.Stationery manufacturer should not be upset in OEM, for the majority of Chinese stationery manufacturers,product innovation should have a breakthrough.


         Quality service cannot be lost


          f the quality and creativity of the stationery product is just the "hardware" of the product itself, that is not enough.The "software" of the products is also the key to attract customers.Have good reception to the courteous at the fair, to show the overall strength level of the enterprise is a good time to show competitiveness for stationery manufacturer and also a appraisal for the customers to manufacturer, therefore, it is necessary to do good service at the fair.


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