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Is there any method to manage the stationery stores ?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-26


         With the development of e-commerce, there are more and more entrepreneurs rushed into it, however, it is not easy to earn money in the Internet, especially with the passage of time, the competition is intensifying.It is the same for the stationery stores, those who want to earn money in the stationery shop online should be ready for the "long-term war" , Lepusheng stationery now will give you some tips of it .



         Oen,, no absence, jsut stick to the shop


         Online sellers should keep for a long time online, if not, customers will tend to choose others, don't test buyer's character, if you are absent ,you can set auto reply information,and reply to customer as soon as possible, then solve the actual needs of customers.


         Two, insist for a long time


         You must get used to solitude when opening a shop online , you should be in perseverance and confidence to stick to it.There are many stationery network owner are disappeared after release the stationery products , left the shop be neglected.This is the advertising age that we can't wait for customers to buy our products.So it is necessary to manage our onlin-shop actively.


          Three, maintain old customers


          It is not just selling things but also training customers for sellers to open a store online, we should set a goal that how much customers we can maintain rather than how much we can sell out.If you have this in mind,then you must be able to make it, we should do well in giving a good shopping experience for customers .


          Four, pricing techniques


          It is different from the physical stores, online commodity pricing has skills, don't take on too much, and don't price too high.The shop must be delicate, and the price can not be too high, it should be in lower price among the same goods, you can also set some high-end  goods that can make the buyers choose the products which is suitable for them.


          Five, the high quality service


          You must focus on service, we should not only have a good attitude in the pre-sale,but also do some occasional greetings and display a series of new stationery products ,so that it can be easy to attract old customers.


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