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Stationery sales promotion should avoid hitting the "original"

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-12


         Promotional activities is very common in stationery business, in the fierce competition of stationery  market , many manufacturers attract consumers' attention through the marketing gimmick  .However, every coin has its two sides.Promotion of stationery company is also a double-edged sword, improperly using the sword is probably hurt themself .Lepusheng stationery think stationery sales promotion should avoid  hitting the "original"


          Here the "original" refers not to the cost , it is the brands of stationery enterprises or some channels, etc.In the premise of the absent reason, if enterprise  carried out drastically stationery sales promotion activities, it will be easy to make consumers doubt the quality of the products.If the enterprises are regardless of the consumers' experience,and cut corners on the product, then the result must be losing a lot of original loyal consumers.For enterprises, there is no reason for enterprises to be indifferent to the quality of product .When it  is not sure in the quality, actually iit is very bad for the process of growth and the brand constructionv of the enterprises .


         In the era of " low consumption", the enterprise always take the method of sales promotionmore directed  to cater to the consumers.Such as frequently have the activities to sent a gift  when buying something.So, when facing the consumer  asking for profit, the enterprise must adhere to the basic principles of brand.In a sense, the brand is a kind of persistence, especially when encountered difficulties in the market.On this basis, the enterprise can take measures on  packaging  in some  promotional themes or forms , and make some adjustment on the timing and occasions to promote sales.


         In addition, enterprises will also have to hit the promotion dependence .There are a lot of small and medium-sized stationery enterprises frequently occurred the phenomenon of "no promotion no sale" , and the reaction of  this phenomenon always like " as long as the cessation of the promotion then sales will immediately fall, so the enterprise always exist the promotional dependence. This point is particularly prominent in the "low consumption" of consumer's  behavior .Companies should accurately grasp the promotion deadline, let  the consumers become urgent  to it , in this way it  can control the promotion investment, the other hand is adjust the theme and form of the gift promotion to stimulate consumer to buy more in a time  or buy in advance , so that  improving the efficiency of sales promotion in the rational use of sales promotion costs  .Only in this way can avoid enterprise dependenting  on the sales promotion activity excessively.


         In the fierce competition of the  market, enterprises not only need  to face  its high cost of operating ,but also should  face with the market pressure of  "low consumption"  . so it is not easily.But the more unfavorable situation the more rational analysis will take ,then calmly deal with it .Enterprises need to be flexible to implement gift promotion strategy,and  the good method of reducing market cost, in this way ,we can assign enough value to consumers, and also can make the enterprises and businesses to keep a reasonable operating profit.


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