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Classic stationery,LPS office correction pen

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-02

Correction pen is the pen form of the correction fluid.(aslo called correction liquid.)It is a liquid product designed to cover mistakes markeds on paper. It is typically sold in a small jar with a brush applicator and works in much the same way as paint.

Classically,correction fluid comes in a small bottle with a brush or sponge mounted to the cap to make it easy to use.Correction fluid can also be foud in tubes with nozzles which typically use roller balls to control the flow of the fluid.More recently,correction fluid has become available in pen form.Compared to the bottled form, the pen allows a more even and thin application, and is less prone to drying out (since only a tiny surface is exposed during application) or clogging.

There are some classic office correction pen in Lepusheng stationery.Let me showing your as followes:


LPS #030 with 7ml and metal tip correction pen.This kind of liquid pen is more even and thin application,it is easy to use and carry.It also be widely welcomed by the European market.Effective coverage and immediate re-writing for the office stationery.(Click here read more.)


LPS #870 office stationery correction liquid.Slender body is good for use.With the 8ml and made form titanium dioxide.The correction products are suit for office.It is designd by Lepusheng's elite designers.(Click here read more.)


LPS #8400 metal tip correction pen is designed in the blue and white color.It is simple and easy,made in the exquisite stationery production process,excellent in the covering.(Click here read more.)

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