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Stagnancy in stationery due to the rising costs

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-10


        According to the survey, majority of stationery manufacturers recently not only face with the pressure of  intense competition in the market  ,but also the high cost .The rising prices lead to the stationery production of raw materials cost, transportation costs, and labor wages have a comprehensive rose in the stationery market.This will make the sales of stationery products in trouble at the same time, then the seller will be in a dilemma.



        Stationery production cost including the rent, workers wages and raw material and the dealer's cost including store rent, sales staff salaries and operating expenses, if one of the link cost increased, then will cause the rising cost of channels.And the current market situation is in the way of  superposition of cost , therefore, the stationery price is  imperative.But, in the form of price increases to absorb cost is obviously cannot be accepted by consumers, so the market will be smaller, then the profits will be lower and lower,while it is unrealistic that  stationery manufacturers consume the cost themselves .


          See from the Internet in recent years ,the blowout phenomenon of stationery sales make a lot of enterprises in the industry began to change management ideas,they expand sales channels, alleviate the pressure of the industry.E-commerce has brought the change of consumer behavior, online shopping has become a new marketing method, and it is also a new sales channel for many stationery stores.Due to the cost  of electronic commerce is far more cheaper than the cost of the entity shop ,so more and more business rookie are also turned on the electricity work.


         Experts  thinks,  the core of stationery and office supplies company is marketing, and the core of marketing the terminal ,the core of  terminal is store sales, while the core of store sales is to create value for consumers.And electronic commerce arises for the quicker ,more convenient and more cheap consumption for consumers,  so consumers is the core.So that  only to win the market, especially under the fierce market competition, all the merchants can bring more benefits and better service to consumers , how to stand out from the crowd is a new task for stationery stores.


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