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So many requirements on stationery products make prarents feel tired of it

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-22


             There is no doubt that every new term is the busiest time for the parents, especially some lower grade students,their parents will do the purchase about the cultural goods which are necessary for them, so when the parents know the teacher has many requirements on stationery products ,they will be tired of it!



             From the report of network,we know that some areas have certain requirements on the notebook, pencil, eraser,some parents said, we didn't know the student stationery we prepared is unqualified until come to the school, the teacher asked the pinyin book must be 9 line each page, each row across the seven separate,pencils must be 2 h, eraser must be 4b, bag can't be  too hard and so on.Thus, they should replace the statioenry that they have prepared for the child.


            Then is it right that the teachers show such many requirenments?The teacher said there are some certain reasons to have requirenments on cultural goods.Such as requiring children use  2 h pencil is because the writing of pencil is not light or heavy, not only the beautiful writing but also very clear;Use 4 b rubber because the hardness is moderate, and can wipe clean;Requiring children to use pencil lid is afraid of breaking the pen cap, as for can't buy the sharp lid is worried about that the lid will hurt the children;Don't let children use color book covers is because the children will in distractions for the creative stationery in class.There are some teachers ask the uniform purchase,but many parents don't want to.So to prepare the corresponding student stationery of the trouble.e parents feel tired of it.


            Some stationery stores can seize this opportunity, timely introduced a full set of configuration of stationery.The owner in accordance with the different grade to different school suit, many inexperienced parents come to the stationery shop, as long as they told the children's grade, the owner can recommend corresponding stationery combination.Then it can save time and effort on both sides, so this method also improves the stationery shop sales.Lepusheng stationery remind you,stationery stores should seize the consumer demand and make marketing campaign so that can really improve the stationery shop sales.


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