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Lepusheng stationery takes active participation in the establishment of national good standardizing practice

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-02

 Guangdong Lepusheng stationery Co.Ltd is awarded the title of 4A“good standardizing practice enterprise” by the Guangdong standardizing association after the expert’s site assessment recently.

 The good standardizing practice is complied with the requirement of
Guangdong standard systemwhich utilizing standard theory and method, establishing perfect standard system with standard of technical standard, managing standard, working standard. All of these standards are working well and getting good economic and social effects. The procedure of this title awarded is the enterprise applies first and then is verified by the site assessment of Guangdong standard association as well as regional standard chief department.


The expert group admire the establishment of “good standardizing practice enterprise”


 Lepusheng stationery considers it seriously that standardization is not merely the basic work of business administration but also the essential element of core competitiveness for an enterprise. The establishment of enterprise standardization is the fundamentality of good development and improvement. Lepusheng stationery becomes a well-known stationery brand of Guangdong province to the public from an unknown small company with the help of the standardization. Lepusheng stationery takes active participation in the establishment of Guangdong good standardizing practice with the procedure of appealing all of the staffs to participate and organizing all of the staffs to attend the knowledge training of standardization. What’s more, Lepusheng stationery has built the enterprise standardizing system and perfected the 927 technical standardizing systems, 192 managing standardizing system, 94 working standardizing system and so on.

Certificate for  4A“Good standardizing practice certificate”


The expert of Guangdong standardization association awarded the “good standardizing practice certificate” to Guangdong Lepusheng stationery Co.Ltd after their site assessment dated on 23rd, November. The president of Guangdong standardization association Zhang Ruxi claimed that enterprise is the subject of standardization and if the enterprise passes the standardization evaluation on production, management, operating etc aspects, the core competitiveness of enterprise will be improved largely. President Zhang Ruxi spoke highly of the establishment for standardization of Lepusheng stationery and put forward some valued suggestions on improving somehow.

 The general manager Guo Shaojian of Lepusheng stationery indicates that standardization system plays an important role in company’s development aiming at the requirement and suggestion put forward by those experts. Lepusheng stationery will further perfect and optimize the construction of standardization, improve managing level and managing efficient to lay a solid foundation for the normalization, branding and sustainable development.


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