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More prefer to buy brand stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-21

Nowadays,as the stationery export has in the deciling market.It caused more and more stationery manufacturers began to focus on the domestic market.Although Internation market is still in the weakness  2012,with the rising consuming of people.China,which has a big stationery manufacturing is going to one of  brand stationery consumption contries.Reseach showing there are rising by 10% to 15% of years.


Due to the large population,there is a big gap of per capita consumption between the Chinese and developed areas such as Europe and the USA.So that there is the broad potential.Not only the local stationery brand turn sales into domestic market,but also more and more international stationery manufacturers and distribution want into Chinese market.


It is easy to find that consumers are prefer to buying products with brand in such large demand.It is the test time for the Chiese stationery manufacturer.As is well-known,China stationery manufacturing  is on OEM for long time.And there was no the well-known brand in Chinese stationery brand yet.However,many International stationery brand such as Dragonfilies,Park have been to the China market.Facing the step by step International brand,Are there no way to competition for the China stationery brand manufacturers?


In fact, Chinese stationery manufacturer have advatages both in prices or sales network.And the foreign stationery brand has well-known for its fine quality and design.In recent years,Chinese stationery manufacturer has pay more attention to improve the quality and design.There is the improvement of the quality,packing,brand buliding,after-sales and product sale network.China stationery brand also has competitiveness in the furture Chinese brand competition market.


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