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Brand is the guarantee of stationery quality

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-11

In recent years,as the changeable in international market and the exchange rate,there are some export barriers, anti-dumping were appeared.Most of exportation primarily stationery enterprises have turned to sales in domestic market.The insider siad that the exporting stationery enterprises want into domestic market hsould to build their brand at first.The brand is not only a name card,but also a way to the market.

At present, there are many exporting enterprises mostly do OEM production for foreign enterprises.They lack of own brand.If their still do OEM production after turning into domestic sales,it may cause the relaxe in the production control and supervision.Then recult in the lack of products quality.And cause the blow to the brand.

Taking a comprehensive view of current domestic stationery market,there are the low price competition,serious copying and OEM production.It is a long way to the branding construction.In the recent years,with development of the industry and the competition of the upgrade, It is the fundamental guarantee to improve the product technology,hold the independent patent, design and pany more attention to the products quality.

There are the higher ruquest to the cultural products manufacturing industry in the 12th five-year plan.Its key work are environmental protection and quality improvement.It requested the enterprise to improve the products processing and the quality.To developing in the brand.And ask for the enterprise production turn into technology intensive from labor.To introduction the modern technology such as electronics,IT.And improve the value of product.The stationery enterpries also be requested to pay attention to the quality instead of quantity,improve the current product homogeneity and the low labor.Then get away form the low products  to realize the transformtion from production to the power production.It also needs to improve the value and the profit for the enterprise.To improve the resist ability to financial crisis and turn to the branding construction instead of stationery OEM production.

There are more and more stationery manufacturer pay attention to the research and development for improve the product quality.Lepusheng stationery also to strengthen the technology and the innovation in recent years.To increase the upgrading of product structure and strengthen the stationery quality control,reduce the waste and the cost.

With the developing of industry competition,the stationery products  profit is in the shrinking and the possible to reduct price is smaller and smaller.The product competition are turn into the high qualiy,high technology from price.There are more and more stationery brand enterprise are aware of the core competition sholud not basis on the price.Price war don't be the way for development.Only to improve the the scientific and technological innovation can create new products with high technology content.Then to meet the new market demand.

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