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Creative office stationery is welcomed by white-collar

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-27

Seem the office stationery should be simply and easy in the traditional sense.As the students stationery getting more and more fashionable,office sationery also doesn't want to behind and follow trends.For the white-collar, the novel appearance and colorful creative stationery can  adorn the serious office.To bring the lively to the quiet and nervous offices.


Creative stationery are infection China stationery industry by the unique charm.A shoper who speciling in the creative stationery said that creative stationery is rise from 8% to 20% in the import.Although most of creative stationery are in a high price.The products also accepted and welcomed by the office worker.


Input"creative stataionery "to the Taobao.com,there are appear more than 3710 shops.Click to open one of stationery shop.There are various kind of colorful stationery appeared,such as the pill style ball point pen,fingers modelling pen,Chaplin lovely correction fluid and so on.Lepusheng stationery also paly lots of creative in the product,such as colorful blessing doll correction fluid,camera correction tape ect.Each one has elaborate design by Lepusheng.


As we know,many white-collar buy the creative stationery for funny because its interesting.And some of them even are make a collection.Clooect different kinds of beautiful note book,colorful nite writer pen and novel correction tape.Nowadays,the creative stationery not only has the beautiful appearance,but also can bring the conveience as long-time development.


With the heavy life pressure coming for the young white-collars.The financial tool also arises at the historic moment for the "moonlight clan".Search on the Taobao.com,there are more and more creative stationery about financial tool.A financial detailed list with the 2 yuan is welcome and the stationery design is very close.Such as the "free hand accounts" can fixed in the white board,the price only 30 yean online.It has a piece of white board,a pe and 10 small magnet.You can make a note when you go to supermarket or shopping malls.


It is easy to find there are a brand market in the creative stationery .It is very important to incorporate the concepet into stationery design,then in a variety of ways to showing the creative and improve the life.Stationery enterprise sould be combined with the market demand and incorporate into stationery design.


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