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Humanized stationery is more popular,convenient use is the key

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-12-13


         With the continuous development of stationery products,the fierce competition in the market makes stationery manufacturers develop a variety of creative stationery products, from the single office stationery to a variety of kinds now such as distinctive modelling,bright colors.They have becomoe more humanized, personalized.



         The ordinary notebook before has gradually replaced by the new style of notebook now, not only directly to have a classification according to the subjects such as physics, chemistry, and even a special one for wrong topic,there are places for solution and the location of the fault and also the place for analysis of the reasons.Some businesses said,the new prices of the notebooks are much more expensive than a traditional notebooks, but the sales is about thirty percent more than the traditional notebook.Thus, personalized stationery products are more popular with consumers.


         Actually, we can see a lot of this kind of personalized stationery in the market in recent years,such as beige paper,now it can replace the originally pure white paper,it protect the childrens' eyes in the process of using;The beige correction tape is also the same.And double-sided tape in correction tape shape is more convenient than the traditional glue tape,so it is more popular in the market.In a word,this kind of humanized stationery is in selling "convenience", sell what  the consumers want.


         See from the trend in the stationery industry ,these higher humanization and convenience of stationery products will be the future development direction of the stationery supplier, only think about what the consumers want to attract the consumer, rather than creating a new stationery and marketing gimmick to attract consumers.Only grasp consumer demand from the essence,then it can be twice the result with half the effort in the marketing.


         For most domestic stationery manufacturers,if they want to step steadily in market with fierce competition,then they should be targeted to develop products with real value and core.Only in this way,it can be continuous to stay the healthy development for the  stationery enterprises.


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