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Refuse mediocre,the new selling points for the fashionable stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-10

Visit the stationery shop,there is various kind of stationery on the counter and no easy to looking for some simple stationery.The lovely stationery and the style of Japan and South Kroea stationery is grab the lion's share of stationery product in shop.These fashionable stationery has very popular in the students.And now they also  one of the "ornaments" for each stationery shop.Lepusheng stationery will showing the different new stationery selling points as follower:

Small stationery with "superstar"


Most of stationery shop or bookstore sell the hot-sell stationery or fashionbale stationery,which printed the cartoon star or animation star.They always been the mainstream "superstar " in the statioenry market.And their appeal no less than TV star.For example,Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is popular in  primary and secondary school students' s.Especially,as the rapid development of the Internet,the onling game or some of enterprise represented by cartoon,have also apperaence to the student stationery market.These sources infuse many new "star"to the cartoon stationery.And the appearance of these superstar are bring more funny and visual enjoyment to the statioery product.



LPS creative lamb correction tape


Change stationery


Whether pill style ball pen or the camera shape correction tape,there are more and more creative stationery has "transformation" under the designer.And the originality is too magic to distinguish the authenticity.Some of them even subvert the traditional stationery modelling shch as vegetables model pen,cucumber model penor eggplant model pen.The manufacturers not only changing in model,but also consider the handshake comfort level.Lepusheng stationery considering the product practical,as well as the simple and easy use for product.The products appearance and the comfortable also the get noticed.On the basis of this, Lepusheng introduced many such creative stationery products.


Combination stationery


In addition to the different model,the function of the fashion pen becoming more and more powerful.Some of pen with the USB interface and joined the flash memory function.The multi-function combination stationery has been popular by the boys.And there are some ball pen combine with the correction fluid.One side is ball pen and the other side is correction tape.


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