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Fairs warning us the situation of stationery export is still severe

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-14


         See from the "barometer" of  Canton fair  which is just-concluded, at present in China, The situation of stationery exports  is still severe.No matter the number of  purchaser audience or the turnover, this session of Canton fair, did not meet the  expectations, such data also shows that the situation of foreign trade in China is still has difficulties.



         Export situation is still severe


          According to the latest data released by the closing news conference,the accumulative total volume of  the115th Canton fair is 31.051 billion dollars, this is the minimum volumes since 2006, except in 2009..At the same time,the total overseas buyers in this session of the Canton fair is188000 , it is 0.81% less than the 114th,and 7.23% less than the 113th.From these datas ,we can easily see that both of the number of buyers and export volume are a drop .


         Recovery of foreign trade bings a certain market opportunities, but companies are bearing the rising cost .Although prices in some stationery manufacturers  remain consistent with that of last year, but the price advantage compete with the foreign competitors has lost with the rising cost .Since this year, the RMB at the spot exchange rate against the dollar has fallen by 2.6%.Experts have said the RMB will rise in long term ,but in truth it is greatly weakening, the uncertainty is greatly increased the difficulty of negotiation and clinch a deal.


        Mainly take short and medium orders and the long orders' proportion is low


        It can be seen from the depressed Canton fair,there is not much in clinch a deal.Many exhibitors said that the main reason to take part in Canton fair is to meet old customers and contact feelings with them, then stable orders,and it is hard to unearthed new customers, new customers always take the short orders, or small orders.Due to old customers know much about the export tax rebate rate and  labor costs  for the majority of export stationery enterprises , as soon as  the RMB devalued, they will require reducing prices, but once the RMB appreciation in the future ,then the  meager profit business could operate at a loss.As a result, many salesman even have a big orders, they will dare not sign those long orders beyond 3 months  .


        "Short orders become the main current is the normal situation of Canton fair in recent years,  people said that overseas purchasers are generally cautious when having orders , many Chinese companies affected by exchange rate fluctuations, rising prices of raw materials, the increase of labor costs , and international trade friction and other factors,so that they do not dare to receive the big, long orders.They think that it is difficult to reverse the situation of short orders become the main current in Canton fair  in the short term .


        See from many stationery fairs ,it is visible on a growing number of stationery merchants began to increase investment in research and development, to win with new, launch all kinds of  new stationery ,And there are also more products with characteristics of low carbon, environmental protection functions .So speed up the transformation and upgrading, and cultivating new and competitive advantages of foreign trade is the inevitable choice of enterprise for survival and development in the future.


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