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Lepusheng show you how to choose the stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-02-14

Lantern Festival is coming,the new term also coming.Many parents start buy some new stationery for the children.And most of big supermarket open the zone for stationery sales with different discount.There are so many beautiful stationery and popular in many student.But there styles of stationery have some health hazard.Some of them are the bad quality stationery,it is harming healthy of childred.So that there are much knowledge during choose student stationery:

Lepusheng show you how to choose the stationery


How to choose and buy stationery,there are three suggestions as following from Lepusheng:
To puchase some new stationery in formal shoppng malls as far as possible.And it is necessary to pay more attention to the warning language,production address the production date, shelf life and so on during puchase stationery suppliers such as paints, eraser ,correction tape,correction fluid.There are so many inferior brand stationery in the current marekt with lacking information.
It is necessary to open and smell some stationery which have obvious pungent odor.And consider safety of hand scissors,razor blades.Pay attention to the top of pen and the book.Too white of book is not good for the eyes.Besides the papar.Lepusheng stationery also has the double sides correction tape.It is the good choice for the students.
It is must be selected carefully in the quality of stationery,functionality and safety.Generally speaking,stationery is helpful for the study for students.It is not at all worth it to choose somethings too beautiful stationery ,it is enough make sure children can ease study and someone use easier.
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