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How do stationery enterprises use micro marketing

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-12


         The advent of the era of Internet, make the modern society change rapidly, in the quickly updating information and the mobile Internet era, the micro marketing become a hot words in the industry.The so-called marketing, refers to wechat,microblog and other mobile information dissemination platform to attract more potential customers, and it is the a marketing strategy which can enhance brand awareness.



          With the spread of mobile platform and powerful strength and widely used and cognition, micro marketing attract more and more people's attention.So if the stationery enterprises want to attract the mobile end potential consumers,then the spread of the content is very important.


           Marketing positioning is not accurate


           A lot of students stationery enterprises will posit it as a marketing tool in the micro marketing positioning,and even take the fans volume as a successful standard of micro marketing.In fact, the micro marketing is a kind of marketing platform, positioning should also be the way of brand promotion, rather than the way of pushing the product.So enterprises should have correct orientation in micro marketing.Enterprises should take the micro marketing positioning as the brand image, and promote brand awareness.


          Less advertising


          A lot of public official microblogs of the stationery manufacturers and wechat have big fan quantity, but content sincerity is not enough, the content is all about their products, advertising and sales promotion.Unable to cause consumer's reading interest, so it is difficult to widely spread.When releasing related information,enterprises can to launch some interactive topic to attract audience, make the vast number of Internet users to participate in the related topics of discussion, so as to attract more fans.


          Content should be rich


          Secondary retransmission of the users is another successful of the enterprise, so in addition to release the content that customer are interested, remember to share some small industry knowledge, then we can be happy and relaxed and also get reward at the same time.At the same time, when releasing information, we can integrate a variety of forms, such as sounds, images, text, etc ,then combine them together,so that to increase readability, forward to enhance the user capacity, and improve the awareness of enterprises effectively.


          Micro marketing as a new marketing mode, stationery companies only on the basic of the correct orientation, and release some interesting information to interact with customers, so that can achieve their goals in the micro marketing,and promote and enhance the brand image.


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