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Development of stationery has changed , Environmental friendly stationery was "like" by consumers

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-23


          Homogeneity makes a lot of stationery manufacturers start looking for new breakthrough method, due to the concept of environmental protection has been deeply stepped into the human mind,the concept of environmental friendly stationery product  began to walk into the line of sight of people,it can not only meet consumers' demand at the same time, also can bring broader market and more profit to stationery manufacturer .And this will make the environmental friendly stationery be popular on the market and be "like" by cosumers.



        Compared with traditional stationery ,environmental protection stationery are increasingly welcomed by consumers because of its safety, health and than save cost, but also can attract the attention of students.Environmental protection stationery have higher requirement on production condition and technology process , and have relatively high quality on the production materials and production technology, the high-quality products are more popular among young parents. For most young parents after 80, the  safety and and health problems of their child are very important, so they are more willing to pay high price to buy some safe stationery , environmental protection stationery.Nowadays , students all have active thinking, with curiosity and be quickly acceptting  new things , and they also use stationery in high frequency , what they are  is the pursuiting are generally the  latest style and the best quality.Therefore,  it is not surprising that the environmental protection stationery become a new generation of pet.


         Looking from the present situation, the trend of low carbon life has become the mainstream.Our country environmental protection stationery was approaching spring, and stationery manufacturers can conveniently step into the stationery market of environmental protection, to create a strong brand,and a green consumption age of  brand stationery.But now the market is  still occupied by normal stationery,so that how to strengthen the development of environmental protection stationery and to introduce more product which conform to the trend are became a new topic to many stationery manufacturer.


          As an emerging economy country, China has a very considerable market prospect  .China is a manufacturing power,and  also a  big consumers,this huge stationery market size should not be ignored.The reshuffle, at this right moment can  work out more high-grade stationery manufacturing company, under the guidance and the support of policy, there must be a spring in the stationery industry  .


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