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The office depot would purchase OMX, or has new trend in office stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-14

The second-largest retailer of office supplie,the office depot (OPD) was announced will acquire the Office Max(OMX) at the end of February.And the market price is about $1.2 billion.It is due to strengthen the control of the stationery supplies,and compete with Staples(SPLS).

Both of them combine though an all-share deal,.Office Max said that the merger will change the the office stationery industry.According to the agreement,the Office Max shareholders can gain the 2.69 shares of Office Depot pet each.Acoording to the Tuesday's closing price,it is about  $13.50.The regulatory documents show that there are over 86.7 million outstanding shares.And this deal was worth about $1.17 billion.

In the U.S.office supplies always regard as the barometer of whole economic.As the recent econmic recession,it makes most of enterprice reduced the demand of office supplie.The demand of office supplie has been a  sharp drop in recent years.And some of stationery retail companies were forced to close shop,cut down the cost,streamline the business to offset the weak sales.
At persent,Office Depot and Office Max are face the pressure from shareholders.It is necessary to improve the weak profitability and boost the share price.In addition,they also facing the strong competition from the online retail sales like Amazon(AMZN) and the discount retailers such as Wal-mart(WMT).

The insider thinks that once the deal completed,Staples will become the biggest benefits.Beacuse part of the store would close once combine.According to the data of BISWorld,the resarch firm.There is about 121.2 billion in the America office market.Staples occupying 35%,26.1% belong to the Office Depot and 15.6% for Office Max.

Office depot is the second largest retailer of office supplies in America.It has about $1.43 billion market value;Office Max is the third and has $1.13 billion market value.But the marke value of them still have the far away of the Staples,the largest office supplies retailer which has the  $9.56 billion in market and about 2295 stores around the world.

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