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Three mode to make stationery enterprise realize fast growth

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-26

For the stationery manufacturing,which have low value added.there has been fully competitive.It is hard to improve the higher growth as the low barriers.That why so many stationert enterprise to do the diversification strategy in recenet years.

However,there is not everyone can expand the business smoothly.In the face of bad situation,most of enterprise have to turn back after a few years.

Most of domestic stationery enterprises has experienced the big circulation and low price business model.After grow up to a certain size,many enterprises realized that the market hs never been static.It is difficult to copy the pass successful.So,the enterprise has tryed the different business model.

The frist  is to develop new market.Some enterprises choose to expand the foreign market.They put more attention to the foreign market.There is simple required in stationery model.It is very suitable for sales.And the other enterprise to gain a range of consumers groups through second and third line cities,even four of five line of market.

The second is expand the new channels.And most of enterprises are trying to do the electricity business.However,at present,many enterprise just to clear the inventory through electric business instead of seek the new marketing.And the problems of the electric business is the reasonable resource allocation.It is hard to do the completely consistent between online and offline.In addition,there will be cause contradiction if too much discount online.

The third is to try to rich the product category,to expand the production line.For example,to expand the production line to a rand of relative products so than to gain more market share.In simple terms,it is to keep the core competitiveness through develop the new products.It is the most effective way to the operation at present.

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