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Office supplier needs new development

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-02-08


Although there is large gap between China office supplies and foreign stationery,but there are the rapid development in the domestic market. According to statistics,the cultural goods is growth by 15%~20%.The borad stationery market attract a lot of stationery manufacturers.However,the fierce competition also cause the trouble to conumsers.
Too many irregulars stationery
According to statistics,there are over 4000-5000 enterprises do the stationery products.The report about the investment analysis of China stationery show that there are 45% market share be took in the small-scale workshops or small manufacturers. Those small stationery manufacturers are attract most of consumers though the low price.It is why there are so many irregulars stationery in the market.
The irregulars stationery has much hidden trouble.It is not any guaranteed to the quality and maybe bring harm to the students.Brand stationery maybe more expensive,but the quality is assured with the after-sales service.It is easy to find that the peopler are be more mature and rational,the irregulars stationery will be less and less in the future.
Broad construction
Homogeneity or low price competition being phased.Brand enterprise is getting biger and biger.And the brand construction is very key.The mainstream brands of a mature industry always less than 10 enterprises.And they should take 65% marekt share.It is one of the pouposes of industrial upgrading. At present,the stationery standard is too low,but there are the broad developing room for thebrand.Enterprises should take the market opportunities then to lay a solid foundation.
Lepusheng stationery always do the brand constuction to keep healthy development.Strengthen brand then leave the solid and reliable enterprise image to conusmers.After all,the opportunity always be taken for the intelligent enterprise.
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