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Office stationery production attactiing lots of attention whether safety

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-18

We all know that,as the low requirement of the office stationery production.It is hard avoid some bad quality stationery in the indsutry.There stationery without the stationery brand,stationery manufacturers and also lack of inspection certificate.It is hidden the trouble when the students choosing.Nowadays,the stationery quality and safety are get more and more attention.It also a wake-up call to the stationery line.

Parents care the stationery qualiy

With the developmen of society,there are more and more families pay great attention to children's education and health. Under the Chinese special"One child"policy,there are average 3 parents have  concerned about the chlicdren health growth in a  family.So that they also pay more primary concern on the stationery.Additionlly,wit the development of the economic level and the stationer brand.The parents perfer to choose the brand stationery.

The states require of school supplies

In the years of 2008,April 1,China has published the "General safety requirements for school supplies".It has a clear rules for the stationery product.Such as the formaldehyde, benzene chemical must not exceed the standards in the bags or pencil bags.The brigtness of the book must not over 85%,and the other clear stipulates for different stationery production.It is the frist time to propose the comprehensive safety requirements for the school supplies.Which ask for eight aspect of safety in the school stationery.

Strict inspection in stationery export

Because of the substandard in the stationery export.Most of exporting stationery have been notifyed repeatedly and brought huge losses for the relevant enterprise.Taiwan has the clear rules for the stationery products.The new Taiwan rules said that the stationery with the function of toys has been defined as toys and should be does as well as toys standards in the CNS4797:2007.

So,it is easy to find that the quality of stationery supplies is pay great attention whether at home or abroad.With the development of stationery industry, stationery manufacturers should put the stationery quality in the production frist place.Especially in the stationery exporting,the clear requestment in the production term,inspection term,shipment term is very important.Make it clear whether the stationery belong to the toys category or ont.It must be a definite view.So that to avoid the unnecessary loss.

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