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Serious copy and lack of characteristics in stationery brand

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-14

As everybody aware,there are many small stationery factories will copy an innovated products rapidly when it appears in the markets.If there are appeared many similar products,consumers are not sure what is the prototype or the copies?

Therefore, the stationery industry under the serious copy and getting more and more serious.It is needs to competition within hard as the homogeneity.Most of stationery enterprises pay attention to the "sell product,do business".And lack of the clean characteristics.

We can't just take the view to the produce the homogeneity products,the similar quality,similar display and similar packing.And lack of knowledge of consumer market,consumers don't want to know who you are,what you do,they just want get something special.

We need to display the difference within the competitive,the biggest stationery manufacturers will be forgotten in the market if without obvious competitive advantage.For example,there are two products with the same quality and similar model.But the consumers may choice A instead of B,became of there are the diffference in the A.

So,how to display the special of the brand?For example in the textile,the consumers will choice the Luolai as its philosophy of "Classic Luolai, enjoy life" and the Mercury home textile with the philosophy of"Love a bed then love a home".Two of them may in the same product,same technology,same packing as other.But  they not noly display the proudct but also leave the close feeling to the consumer.

Taken together, compared with the top brand,we can see that the brand stationery products always sales stable.Combined with the indsutry,it is needs time to build the stationery brand and the consumer reputation.For example,Lepusheng stationery are sepciling more than ten years in the stationery production and the stationery design.They also courage to try in the marketing and there are the clean characteristics in the brand.

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