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Lepusheng stationery science: how to identify quality of student stationery?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-16


         Stationery is a common office supplies, with the development of the society, the design of the stationery is becoming  more and more , all kinds of design and color stationery emerge in endlessly, in the dazzling stationery market, how do consumers   identify the most suitable stationery  for students  quickly is particularly critical.Here ,Lepusheng stationery will  share with you, how to identify  the quality of the students stationery?



        First ,product indicators.When buying  products, we usually pay attention to the composition of the product, so which element in the stationery products we should pay attention?


        1. The content of free formaldehyde, formaldehyde.Formaldehyde is recognized as a kind of carcinogenic substance, in the student stationery ,prodects which contain free formaldehyde mainly are adhesive (such as glue, liquid glue, etc.);And students pen bag fabric and accessories contains formaldehyde.In the process of adhesive products, formaldehyde is usually used as one of the  raw materials  for polycondensation reaction, due to the reaction is not completely ,they are free in adhesive products;And formaldehyde  in the student bag, pen bag fabric and accessories mainly comes from some textile auxiliaries which  contains formaldehyde.


       2. Total volatile organic compounds.Eeffects of the volatile organic compounds (VOC) to the health can be divided into three types: one is the smell and senses, including sensory stimulation, feeling dry;Second, the mucosa stimulation and other pathological problems  caused by system toxicity , stimulate the respiratory and eye mucous membrane, nasal mucosa, skin, etc., VOC easily through the blood - brain barrier,then lead to the central nervous system be restrained, make the person produces headache, fatigue, drowsiness and uncomfortable feeling;The third is genetic toxicity and carcinogenicity.


       3. The benzene, toluene and xylene.Benzene, toluene, xylene is benzene series, they have big toxicity of harmful substance to human body.Our current standard "GB21027-2007 student supplies safety requirements" in regulation: benzene in correction  products (including the correction fluid, correction pen and correction tape) shouldn't  exceed 10 mg/kg in the residues when it's making for solvent  ;Toluene and xylene in adhesive  should not be more than 10 mg/kg when it is making for  solvent  , and solvent adhesive are not allowed to do with benzene .


        Second, the hint of choose and buy.Lepusheng stationery give you some tips of choose and buy:


        1. Check the logo, see packaging.Product instructions can use tags, labels, packing specification, instruction and so on,you can used one or more at the same time, its contents must indicate: manufacturer's name and address, product name, specifications, etc.


        2. Choose famous brand,see the  manufacturer.Consumers should buy the products  in the large department stores, supermarkets;Avoid choosing and buying in the  stores around or on the street and the school, at the same time you should pay attention to save the paper.


        3. Check the appearance, look at the work.Students stationery varieties on the market at present have great variety and in different grades, the price difference ,too,and also the  big gap between the workmanship and quality.Be careful ,we should not to  choose and buy stationery of shoddy workmanship or the products in  low price;At the same time we also can't buy the kind of exercise books or paper  which seems  very white .


        4. To smell the smell, choose design and color.If the student stationery sends out a stimulating smell, aroma, we had better not buy;When choosing color,we should buy  with light color ones .


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