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Students stationery should be sell according to the students style

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-05

There are more than 200 million of studnets in China and the broad market in student stationery market.With the improvement of the people's living standards,student stationery also getting huger and huger.Of course,there are more and more stationery shop in the around of school.In order to gain more business,each stationery store are work hard.

There is the intense competition in the student stationery shop.How to display your speical between so many student stationery shops?How to keep the student's eyes and sell well?There are a shop with the hot sell,it have more than 10 year in here and attract many students.

The secret of this shop is to sell the popular stationery according to different grade.Daughter of shopkeeper are teach in school.She is very clear what kinds of stationery is suitable to the different strage.So that she can provide the reasonable advise in the purchase.

The student of the first grade and second grad are very lively and actively.They like the stationery with bright color and cartoon.Such as the stationery printing sheep or fruit pattern.And the third grade and fourth grade are lively in thinking and rich in imagination.They use the gel pen instread of pencil and use correction tape or correction fluid to cover the mistake in paper.So that the fresh color and specil style correction tape and correction fluid are warn welcomed by the student.The student of fifth and sixth grade are indepetdent,they like the new think such as the new stationery or creative tape.

Besids the understand of the student.The shopkeeper always read the news about popular,to see the hot cartoons and topic then to knwo more about news about the stationery.So that he can knwo which are popular in the student.For a long time,students will buy in this shop once they need the new stationery.

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