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The "undercurrent" under the spending power of office stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-04


           To many entrepreneurs,there is a big attraction in the office stationery industry because of its wide consumption potential.While when sharing the "Cake" in stationery industry, at the same time we should also be aware of the "undercurrent" which hides under the surface of the scenery in stationery industry.



           Though the current stationery development has been more and more mature, then necessarily there will be Fake goods in the process of its development. fake goods.As with many other industries, in China, no matter which kind of product is,they are unable to escape this "nightmare".You can easily find out that no matter how innovative the products are, as long as appeared on the market soon, then there will be a "double" instead.Actually, imitate other designs in the stationery manufacturers is very common, it also led to the serious homogeneity of stationery  product.


            High degree of homogeneity and imitation in stationery products, has beyond the category of market competition.Most small businesses can label as more than 10 different trademark according to a same product, then sell throughout the country.The resulting problem is disorderly price war, fake products and a series of unfair competition,it  greatly influenced the healthy development of the stationery industry.


            The fake products at the same time also reflects  the lack of brand building of stationery enterprises.For a long time, China stationery manufacturers, mostly in the form of OEM marketing abroad.Stationery enterprise general lack of brand awareness.The OEM, on the one hand, weakens the power of the stationery manufacturing enterprise about investing in research and development for the design production, so that the technology content and added value of the stationery products become low.On the one hand, is not conducive to enterprises to build their own brand value and it is also one of the reasons why there is few famous stationery brand in overseas markets.


            In addition to the lack of brand consciousness, the Chinese stationery enterprises are reluctant to invest innovation and another reason is that domestic stationery industry is lack of protection of intellectual property rights.Product innovation, design, research and development has high cost of inputs but imitation is very easy.If a company spends huge cost to launch the creative products, then will inevitably need to take the cost allocation to the product.Probably the market that should have obtained are grabbed by the counterfeit products, and intellectual property rights can not get effective protection, companies often do more harm than good.This makes many companies would rather acting processing for others than spend effort to do research and development.


           Entrepreneurs should see the interests and the shortage of the industry at the same time,so that can avoid the shortage or have breakthrough  in the process of the development, fully consider the risk of the industry and develop smoothly.


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