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Office stationery develop and change quickly,small and medium enterprises need transition

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-12-26


           Since last year,stationery industry in China is facing greater pressure. Inflation makes the labor cost of raw materials costs, loss of demographic dividend, market competition intensifies, and a series of operating costs continue to rise, constantly eating into profit margins, and the rising cost and product price pressure, make the advantage of stationery production cost and price gradually lost.



           The stationery demand is additive year by year,and quality improvement of stationery products,the intensified capital expansion,cooperation between enterprise is increasing,this is a good thing for those powerful and large stationery enterprises, when this kind of big companies complied with this kind of development trend,it will only gradually do stronger.


            However, for small and medium stationery enterprises,shortcomings such as scattered, fatal let them get into trouble.Since most office stationery enterprises engaged in OEM,due to the low value-added profit, high technology and core technologies and key process of stationery processing are mastered by foreigner.In the growing office stationery market,many domestic stationery enterprise does not pay attention to product research and development and quality, lack of scientific marketing strategy.Specific performance in product development, brand building, marketing, channel management, marketing, vendor relations on issues such as lack of long-term, stable and scientific strategic guidance.And "made in China" office stationery only occupy low-margin and low-end office stationery market, while international brands can occupy the domestic high-grade office stationery industry market.


           For small and medium stationery enterprises, there may be a gap on the quality of the products, cooperation opportunity is relatively less, not to mention the capital operation, therefore, in continuous development and progress of the stationery industry, environment for small business will be increasingly difficult, those powerful enterprises use stationery trend to analyse the better development of enterprises, while for small and medium-sized enterprises, only the tenacious transformation and upgrading, can work out a piece of heaven and earth in the stationery industry.


           How to transform?Extensive growth model has come to an end, enterprise only cultivate autonomous brand which has a high international reputation, integrated innovation, design, development, marketing, brand, such as the focus from brand competition to product competition, realize products of high-grade, high quality, high price, promote industrial upgrading.


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