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Students stationery brand marketing, you should know several model

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-19

Nowdays,the people standard of living getting higher and higher.The parents have put a lot of money into the children's life as more as possible. And the trend of children's consumption appeared individualistic,they always purchase actively.So that students stationery market development space will increase year by year and the competition getting more intense.


To bulid the stationery brand.It is not enough if only have the brand,marketing toll is indispensable.There are the commonly used model of student stationery brand marketing as following,for everyone to reference:


1, Network marketing model


In addition to do the changing on the products.There is a lot of marketing model.Nondays,network marketing has been used widely.To use this virtual market to expand the scale of stationery brand enterprise has been accepted and lots of staitionery manufacturers has turned the traditional marketing model to the network marketing model.


2, Animation and cartoon marketing model


Anime always have good market audience foundation, cartoon image also has its unique character and good market awareness.So that  stationery brand with the anime and cartoon pattern always be more accected by the customer.And the  cartoon stationery products sales are optimistic in the current market stationery.


3, Differentiated marketing model


At present,the stationery brand industry is serious homogenization.If the office suppliers want to gain the profit in the brand market,it is not enough to do all thing for the products.It must to consider the diversified demands from customer. The brand enterprise should let the parenets and children feeling the human concern from the products.


4,Public marketing model


Public marketing is means to care about the people survival and development.Basis on the social progress and with the help of public benefit ativities and consumer communication.To generate public benefit  and also make the good  impress to the customer.It is the markeing mode that make the stationery buyer choice preferred when purchaseing.


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