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"New war" of office supplies: value competition instead of price

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-05

Asincreasingly drastic competition of stationery industry,domestic stationery market is like in the "Warring States".China stationery enterprise under low malignant competition in price and stand the shock form international market.The broad stationery market attracted the many famous international stationery manufacturers and retailers.On the other hand,the southeast Asia countries such as India, Vietnam also bagan to competed with China.Although China stationery industry still maintained a rapid development trend,stationery production has been comprehensively shrink from the upsteanm to downstream.In addition,as the appreciation of the RMB,rising raw material cost and labor costs,China stationery industry has not qualified to paly price war.

Under the low-profit in product,the constant price war will lead to the decrease in product quality.The enterprise competition should in the value,including the development of new product,market expand,product distribution,pomotion in overeas and so on.An enterprise only get the reasonable profits through these ways and keep the sustainable development of the industry.

Through the technology optimization, the enterprise can improve the compression cost in management.Than to reduce the product price.It is the resonable ways.As intensive industry,the stationery price has been close to the cost baseline in stationery market.Under the serious stationery industry technology homogenization and the no substantial improvement in management,it can said that none of any room for reduction.Go on to reduct price is bad for enterprise.Finally,it is not only will make the loss for the stationery enterprise,but also cause the decline for whole industry.

Does it will improve the stationery price if give up the price war?Lepusheng stationery has benn in the medium and high-end market,its correction product could in the line for many years,reasonable price is the main reasons.In recent years,due to the increase of production cost,enterprise has to rise the stationery product price.The stationery product still be welcomed by the people as the excellent stationer design.This proves that value is not all decide on the price but also also includes prodcut brand,design and technical content ect.

For the labor-intensive industry such as stationery,price is the coer competition in past China.It also the key for the enterprise. However, the increasingly fierce of competitive environment made the cost advantage is weakened in office supplies.Under such situation,there is no only the competitive in price,to turn to the value competition from price is the survival way for stationery enterprise.

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