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Several main cores of the development in stationery industry ,2014

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-28


        The development and changes of stationery industry brings a new developing opportunity to stationery manufacturers , then how to grasp the opportunity and face the challenge become the main direction that stationery company should explore in 2014.In the development of the industry, there are always some "backbone" that needs to be noticed, to the office stationery ,we should make a clear direction ,so that we can keep accurate positioning in the stationery industry that full of  competition.




          Core 1: enterprise brand


          Regardless of the difference among each enterprises on annual layout,2014, but there must be one thing in common  in the successful enterprises  -that is committed to brand building.In recent years , make stationery industry is becoming more and more mature,stationery market has gradually entered the final stage of the divided market with the brand.In future development, the competition among the brands  will make the industry to be more perfect, for an influential brands, no matter in attracting talent and to the extension of investment promotion ,or expanding  channels, etc.,all these will take a great role in promoting.So that for the enterprises which want to have a long-term development ,only make the brands stand out, then they can get the best result  in other ways. 


        Core 2: competing technologies


       If the brand is a framework of enterprise's development, then technology is  the foundation that support an enterprise.For stationery industry, the technology is not only reflected on the product value, but also in the breakthrough of product design.Because the stationery industry do OEM orders  for a long time, and it is very week on design concept of  stationery products .The  requirements  of production process and technology of the stationery production are also gradually rising, so that in the future development ,those  who can take the lead in a breakthrough on the production technology and design,then they will  grab is extremely wide gap in the market,and can be  one step ahead.


        Core 3: the core of talents


        Not only the designer is the core of the stationery industry, but also the management personnel, technical personnel, production personnel which decide the quality of enterprise product ,to the stationery industry that in the development of high speed, the most precious is not sales, but the talented person.In the 21st century is a century of  talents,the boom of an enterprise development, there may be many inducing factors, but absolutely can not do without a group of excellent talents to support and promote,to  the long-term development of enterprises , this is an opportunity that  can grasp .To build up reserves of talent and take advantage of talent resources,then we  can play a crucial role in the future.


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