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Newly Stationery with the internet slangs

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-06

With the popular of the internet slangs.New internet slangs become one of the common language of communication in the young. This is the network language.In recent years,with the popular of the entertainment culture in internet.There are lots of internet slangs become a catchphrase for people.And now,those internet slangs not satisfied in the oral spead.They beginning to taked in the office supplies and into the student classroom.Visit the stationery shop,it is easy to find there are vrious kind of statioery printed internet slangs like "ungelivable","too delicate to bear a blow","Yes or on" and so on.In the era of personality leaps,these strange language has meet the demand of students and welcomed.


According to introduction from the stationery shop owner,Mrs Yang.This stationery with the internet slangs is one of the most attractive products for students in daily sales.They always sell well and very welcomed."I think those stationery printed internet slangs is very interesting.That enrich our study life,Sometimes,these word can  release the pressure in study and test.I like those language,they make me feeling more colse to the society"Said the student who buying the fashioable stationery with internet slangs.At first,internet slangs active in the internet.Most of them have a  specific meaning,and borrows by harmonics,metonymic, or metaphorical language.The internet languager is more novelty and interesting comparison with the words on the books.


It can said without hesitation,the creative stationery is welcomed by the stationery market  in the past few years.More and more stationery manufacturer is the use of young people curious about psychology.Produced a large number of novelty,multi-function student stationery.It not only to meet the the demand of stationery supplies,but also bring a little interest to the learning life.As well as the Lepusheng manufacturing,there is a lots of stationery designed to rich learning and work life.


In the market competition of novetly stationery.stationery manufacturers have pay more attention to the  innovative design.The unique products not only welcomed by college students,but also been popular in the office worker.In the development of stationery indstry,innvotation idea should be a key point in the line.At present,most of creative products are imported from the overseas market.But they can't meet the demand of the Chinese style like internet language.This needs design and research by the domestic stationery manufacturers.


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