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Cultural goods enterprise operations base on the quality

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-23

Recently, as the uncertain market,it caused the lack of money and technology,management of error,low risk resistance capacity for the small and medium-sized cultural goods enterprise.But the enterprise which pay more attention to the quality are contrarian expanding in scale and keeping renew in equipment.And selling also keep rising.It proves that production only base on quality will operations longer.


it is undeniable that in the weak market,there are without any influence for some enterprise with strong technical and enough fund. "'Our company 's products decreased  more than 40 percent."Said by Mr.Zhang who working for stationery export enterprise in Ningbo.Compared with the last years, their oversea order of the stationery products,especially in Eurpean and American market has sharp decline.And the order value also decreased.


Those in the industry believe that industry resources is getting closer and closer to the large enterprises,and this polarization situation of stationery industry is in further aggravates.It is display on the impoved  brand in the domestic market,compression the living room for the small and new brand.In such market,if enterprise want to keeping the long-term development,should to improve the stationery quality constantly.


It is not a good way that depend on the size and quantity to achieve the enterprise's growth.It has become majority stationery enterprise's recognition.But how to achieve growth depend on own value?


For this,Lepusheng stationery think that produce stationery product should to break through the traditional limitations.No only pay attention to the sales channel,but also improve the stationery quality.To seek the quality as well as quantity.In other words,it is to improve the soft power such as management, research and development.And to strict screening for the stationery's joined and dealer.Phasing out the poor quality agent then increase the sales channel power.At the same time,enterprises should strengthen their product functional and improve the product's quality.


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