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How to correctly view stationery sales promotion?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-04


With the increasingly intense competition in the terminal, stationery sales promotion for office suppliers has become the norm .Promotion is easy become a form.Basically,promotion is one of interest exchange,but it is different from the general sense of interest exchange. Because, stationery sales promotion is not only a transitory interest exchange.It is more attention to the promotion activities that to customer exchanges and cooperation for a long time.In particular, the following aspects can make you understand the promotion:
Promotion is the investment not spend
Obviously,it is different concepts to make promotion as investment or spend.It is more important is to promote the long-term value,while the latter is more focused on the promotion of short-term profit in return.There is no doubt that promotion need some spend but not only the simple spending money.It is a way for the growth of the brand.Stationery sales promotion should take the short-term interests to the consider.It also focus on the long-term development of the enterprise and the brand integration .It is not the good promotion if lacking the health growth.
To do the determine from the starting point
Promotion is a way to realize exchange of value.So that we must consider a problem from the perspective of value.More generally,it is a way focus on profits.So that,it is a premise while disign new stationery promotion.It is to spend fewest to gain more money as much as possible.If the price does not match with stationery gift which we send, although with the higher price,maybe effect also is inferior.And the other promotion is there is the free gift but with low quality.It is bad for the consumer.So such kind of promotion spend is not good.
Measuring and tracking
There are various kind of discount and promotion for stationery stores or stationery wholesales mall.So that it is necessary to know the evaluation and the effect of promotion or the activities.The experience for such activities will be a valuable asset.So that,it must attach importance to the promotion of tracking and analysis while making promoational plan.On the one hand,it can be timely correct the problem in the process.On the other hand,it can leave a professional transport for stores.
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