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Japan and Korea style popular stationery sell well online,e-commerce is getting mature

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-03

Under the market economy,it has always pay more attention to the channel in construction and maintain."Sales channnel is everything",it is the rules for each enterprises.In the field of commercial circulation,e-commerce has become the trend of the market.Many stationery brand manufacturers have be aware and began to share the profits through e-commerce.The new network marketing will pretant the profits for the enterprises.

Popular stationery with Japen and Korea style sell well in the network in falling market

Stationery market has affect serious by economic factors.But there is different from the weak market,the popular and fashion stationery are sell well on the Internet.In the starting fo new class,Taobao.com and Paipai.com have the sales promotion for the sales season.A Disney bag price is 39 yuan after discount,and the related stationery product also sell well.Someone work for electronic commerce said that online sales can reduce the channel cost and it is unconstrained fro the regional.So that there is the good pressure coping.More and more consumer buying online and good for expan the stationery e-commerce market.

In addition,people who borned after 1980 are depends on the network to search information.And they also could't refuse the network shopping,including to choose and buying stationery online.Therefore,there are appeared more and more online stationery storeand attacted wide attention.

Stationery online mode is getting mature

Although stationery industry enter into network in short time,there is a lot of stationery manufacturers want to sharing the pofits.As we have learned,there are three categories on Internet.

The first model:stationery businessmen depends on the entity shop and set up a website online,it supply to play order online than provide the door to door delivery.

The second model:The stationery manufacturer has a well-known brand.They set up the online stationery shop for promote or increase the sales channels.

The third model:Stationery manufacturer neither has brand nor offline shop.It is maka a cooperation relations with the well-known stationery brand than sell online.

The third type is neither entity shop also does not have its own brand, independent establishment website platform, and with some stationery brand establish mutual cooperation relations, in the online sales.

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