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E-commerce drive the development of stationery industry and enterprise should strengthen the line of up and down

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-29


          The development of the E-commerce, let more and more stationery enterprises test for it.But it also bring a variety of confusion and conflict to the traditional stationery brands, for traditional office stationery brand,Online and offline are two different channels,they are complementary relationship, rather than the opposite relationship, if the relationship between them processed good, then it can play a role of "complementary", and help from each other.Stationery enterprises should understand the relation between online and offline,and do marketing combined with online and offline channels.



          Combine e-commerce and store


          The key for the store is to inspire consumer loyalty of physical stores.The joyful consumer experience, consumer participation is the root cause to promote the customer loyalty.After all, you can't give the experience of touching the products for the consumers on the Internet, consumption experience is the only difference between physical stores and online stores.Only make trhem enjoy the in-store experience,to let the enjoyment being better and convenient than online shopping, they the consumers have the loyalty, thus forming inertia consumption.Stores and online stores, they are fighting for the price on the surface, but the essence is service.While online store can enjoy quick and convenient shopping, so which one can combine the strengths of both,then they can serve the consumers better.


           Stationery enterprises need to strengthen the profit distribution


           It is difficult to combine the online and offline for the stationery enterprises.Normally,the price of the store is higher because the rent, labor costs and other factors, such as the intermediate links, so that it can't have the uniform price with the online store.And if e-commerce want go offline, then they should face the money pressure as the offline store.Even people with money in place, when in the process of opening, the local distributor will also have a lot of concerns, whether the online product pricing, online shopping will stand on contradiction and impact to the entity shop.At the end of the day, is still a core problem of profit distribution.


          Only there are enough network of dealership,then the service requirements of the stationery industry can be guaranteed.So comprehensive entity shop network layout is sufficient and necessary conditions for the development of e-commerce.But to be sure, when the entity manufacturers and merchants provide a new e-commerce marketing platform,then it must guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, reduce the complaints of price differences between online and offline .


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