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Analysis the trend of student stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-14

    In recent years, the status of student stationery is increasing in the world.It is become the world's superpower stationery processing and exporter in stationery industry.There are some new trends of development as follows:

    The competition of price will turn into the high quality and high technology production.With the deepening of competition,the profits of student stationery industry chain be compressed.And more and more enterprise know that it can't to bulid the core competitiveness depand on price.It is not the direction of long-term development.Merge together with foreign enterprises will improve the quallity of China stationery products and the enterprises competitiveness.

    At the same time, the requirement of China stationery supplies will be change in international market, there are the high requierment in student stationery quality,packing and the delivery.Or exted to the production process and product reasearch and development, product and environmental protection,energy resources source and humane enviroment.

    Many stationery companies increased the technology investment, to develop new products with high technical content that to seek the new demand in market.To set up new economic growth points.To realize the sustainable development of enterprises.

    In order to obtain favorable competitive position and improve the competitiveness of industry, capital became an important topic of industry operation.From the competition point of view, the cooperation between enterprises resource sharing are on the rise

    In recent years, with increasing of the development, China stationery being the world's stationery supplies mainstay.Stationery supplies is labor-intensive industries. The eastern coastal area has been the gathering place depand on the such traditional competitive advantage.With the improvement of China's place in the world, there are more and more contries began to use China stationery supplies.

    To sum up, the demand of stationery is increasing every years, as well as the stationery quality ,capital expansion and the cooperation between enterprises.It is good for the developing of enterprises.

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