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Improving quallity of stationery is important for stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-12-30


"Now,the competition of China student stationery has been into the after competition stage.It is the branded stage.Student supplies has turned into the brand compeition including service,management,environment and so on."said by the related personnel who work for national education prouct quality supervision.
It is understood that the student supplies is an important branch of stationery.The main user are the students.Not matter in the development of industry or the consumption,China is the big country in the proudction and export of office supplies.Its total production to rank alongside the world's best.At the same time.There are the special industries area for office supplies such as Ningbo,Ninghai,Wezhou,Yiwu in Zhengjian,Shenzhen,Chaoyan,Dongwang in Guangdong,Fuzhou,Quanzhou,Jinjiang in Fujian.However,most of student stationery suppliers are do the OEM production for long-term.It just made low cost.There are more than 70% of the market competition in the student stationery.And the influx of foreign rivals also would bring the large pressure of China stationery manufacturers.
On the one hand,there are more and more fierce competition.On the other hand,the foreign stationery standard is higher and higher.European Union, the United States and other developed countries and regions is issued and implemented strict technical regulations involving stationery products.And most of medium-sized enterprises and small enterprises with the insufficient technical strength.They can't catch up the novel regulations in frist time.So that there are some quality events in export stationery.
"Whether face of fierce competition in stationery industry or the higher and higher standard.Quality should be the key point of stationery development.Saided by the officials of national education product quality supervision.Product quality is the basis of brand ,it also the way to push the development of stationery enterprises.
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