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Brief analysis of the China creative stationery’s development tendency

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-11

Although there are lot of uncertain factor to the China's creative students stationery development.the China creative stationery industries are going to have broad market prospect in future.This alll benefit from:


1.The national policy support.With rapid advances of industies,The basice manufacturing development will get the key support.Therefor,the industries shuc as stationery manufaccturing industry should get the rapid development opportunities.


2.The great need for the creative student.Nowadays,many students pursue something personalized or novelty.Some of rich imaginative and interesting stationery product has been welcomed by the student.For example,Lepusheng company launched the stationery like camera shape correction tape,Totoro correction liquid,Lip gloss correction fluid.All of them has got the favor as the nevolty modelling.There is the high price but sell well.


3.Since into WTO,the developed countries have decreased the International trade threshold and adjusted the product structure.China is becoming the world's largest processing factory.And there are the broad development space for the creative stationery processing.


Therefor,as long as the enterprises can  seize opportunities.To stengthen the R&D and improve the product in technology and quality.The enterprise will be get the leader in the such broad competition marke.


1.Innovation ability of the enterprise is the long term competitive advantage.It can transform traditional industries,introduce,elimination and absorbs the advanced technology and equipment at home or abroad.To improved the enterprise equipment level and renew the equipment and technological innovation.Realize stationery industry and product inoptimization and upgrading.Improve the product added value.This kind of stationery manufacturers have a long term competitive advantage.


2.The leading enterprises is getting raipd development.The leading enterprise not only have advantage in scale,but also in the technology,fund.As the improved gradually for the creative students product quality in the market,this kind of enterprise will get more and more opportunity.Especially,stationery manufacturers in the coastal areas,they have the natural advantages in geographically.And the support policies form government or customs.It is improved the development of well-known enterprises in the stationery line.


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