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Stationery marketing should have enlightenment from "ice bucket" challenge

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-31


        What is the most popular on the Internet this summer?It is undoubtedly a charity activities that watering the head with ice water, the ice bucket challenge gets unprecedented attention in the United States, and quickly spread across the globe,an this is the success of a viral marketing.



         For the stationery enterprises ,this is also a new enlightenment for markeing. Communication is to exchange information between people, it can be said that in the 21st century, spreading is a very important marketing technique in all kinds of industries, but how to use the Internet to do a good job of spreading opportunely,amd let consumers understand your stationery brand,stationery products, stationery stores also need to think more.


          There are two key factors for the success of the "ice bucket" challenge: one is with the aid of celebrity effect, due to the participation of celebrities,it can make the activity quickly get attention from all walks of life;The other one is with the help of social network relationship, and the fission spread effect and the circle of relationship then spread quickly in the Internet media.The designers used well of the celebrity effect and circle effect,you can say that it is a blend of marketing focus, and make an common welfare activity become special and popular, and in turn fire all over world.


           Celebrity effect is self-evident, much-anticipated of the start decides that  their behavior will bring events and must be attention.And due to the development of network marketing,it have an indelible effect in the spread of information.When it comes to circle, most of you must immediately think of wechat circle of friends, however, from the ice bucket challenge, or the spoof events about star take drugs. from the social hot spots, the spread and the scope of microblog will be bigger,and more influential.The revelation is benefit for the stationery enterprises, microblog has more advantages than the wechat on spreading,so is can't be ignored with the big value as a marketing platform.


           The rapid development of Internet, make more and more stationery manufacturers no longer be limited to traditional way of dissemination method, they use the Internet, for their own stationery products,build their brand and get more information from the Internet at the same time, makes the research and development of stationery products become more and more accord with the demands of consumers,so that the Internet has concluded a virtuous circle.However, to do well in network marketing for the stationery brand, it also need to spend more attention.


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