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How to do the "seckill" for stationery shop?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-02

Low price is the most effective promotion in the such more online store promotion.And it is not the fresh topic for "seckill" in onlien shop promotion.

The so-called "seckill" is the sellers to publish some low-price proudct online,and the customer buy in same time online.Because of  the low price,there were snapped up once published.Sometimes just in one minute.At present,in a large shopping website such as Taobao.com,there is rapid development of "seckill".

During the such  "seckill"  era,stationery shop also do the "seckill" to  attract the consumers.So what problem should be note?

The price of seckill

It is needs a low price to the seckill.The common price is hard to attract many buyers to "kill" this price.But the stationery shopkeeper should attention,it isn't means to sell without profit.For shopkeeper,they should make clean that what is the best price for seckill in stationery products.If can't do the lowest in the line,at last to do the lowest in the same product.That may be cuase the attention of buyers.

The product of seckill

What kinds of student stationery suitable for seckill.Of course choose some popular.The seckill product has not been the unwanted product.Without the evaluate is hard to bring the full trust to the buyer.It is better to choose some popular stationery product as seckill product.

The events of seckill

To sell out the proucts is no only the final purpose.It is the way to improve the popularity of online shop.That to improve the other sales.Such as to seckill the car by one yuan,the key of this event is not about the sales,it is one of mdia event then to improve they reputation in short time.

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