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Knowledge of setting up a shop

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-22


          For many entrepreneurs,there is  a low cost advantage and a certain profit protection when operating a stationery shop.We can say that stationery shop is the hidden champions in small entrepreneurial projects, from one hand, government, factories, enterprises and shops, both of them will contact with external business  every day, such as consuming large amounts of office supplies.On the other hand, Chinese parents generally have pushy idea, children will go to school, and then they will never leave students stationery.So the situation of domestic market will ensure the  consumption potential of stationery industry.



          Open the stationery shop is a good choice for entrepreneurs, but there are still a lot of entrepreneurs don't know how to deal with the process of stationery shop,Lepusheng stationery will finish the basic knowledge about the process, and hope to help you to learn more knowledge of stationery shop:


          Process of setting up a shop: research, location, site selection,replenish the stock, operation and management.


          One, research


           Research of consumers' purchase demand.Investigation about the quantity of demand roughly, including potential purchase number and stratum, consumers' buying level, the change of the stationery products demand,the factors which affect consumers to buy and so on.At the same time also to understand the competition of the stationery industry in the market, the main competitors and competitive products in the market and so on.


          Two, location


          Do well in product positioning, think about what products to sell?Do I really know the products?Is there a good supply of goods?Then we should have a good location of consumers, who do you plan to sell your products to?Where do these people usually gathered?What are their hobbies?How to be their favourite?Finally define the price, the same thing can have different prices in different places, after our customer base has a fixed, we also have to think the price should be set in which scope?


          Three, site selection


          Decoration in stationery shop should be simple and bright.If the store is small,then the light effect and reasonable shelf display can compensate it.The stationery store can be small, but should be "deep".The owner should according to the size of the business circle, reasonably planning the partition of storefront. Numbers of the shelves can be planned according to the types of stationery shop, generally can be divided into pen, paper, office equipment, computer supplies, folder book, financial products, etc.At the same time, pay attention to the distance between  the shelf  and the ledge,to prevent the bump due to the small space.


          Four, replenish stock


          A lot of stationery shop operators will choose brand product to sell, though quality of brand stationery product is good,and the profit margins is big, the purchase price is relatively expensive, so it is not suitable for popularization.An average size of stationery shop, had better both use brand goods and a less unknown inferior brand goods.Brand is mainly used to improve the shop reputation, the number should not be too much, and choose those brands which are more famous on style and types.Unknown inferior brand is very important to stationery store,they have more innovative styles,the price is relatively cheap.Now, select the good from the network can can bring convenience and benefits for operators. There always be a game between quality and cost, the entrepreneur must find some balance between the quality and price, in order to avoid the lost.


          Five, the business strategy


         Effective propaganda of stationery store is the key to the success of operation.The common way we can see is passing business cards and leaflet ,pasting posters are effective ways, they can give the first impression of the stationery store to potential customers.If you can visit the nearby school or commercial buildings,to make them pay  attention to this, once there is contact, then it is expected to reach a long-term cooperative relationship.


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