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Enterprise upset becuase decline effectiveness of stationery show

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-16


Now, various kinds of professional stationery exhibition were be held.But the hot fair before last years was not play good effectiveness in this years.There are more and more famous brand drop out,decline effective and reduced traffice.The effective of fair is declining.The insiders said that in such hot competition,the exhibition advantage  is no loger obvious.More and more people pay attention to the quality and service will make the stationery suppliers to looking for a new way for development.
Effective of stationery exhibition is not good as before
There are not the good effective in stationery exhibition,it is not enough to regains the costs" said by a statioenry salesman."It is a big loss for company to attend exhibition too many."
There are many enterprise said that although their push out more and more new products.The visitor is less as well as the less order.There are some order be placed on fair.But it is less that last two years.Now,the saler is  more than customers.
Less enthusiasm for stationery brander
Besides the decline effect of visitors,order, the enthusiasm from stationery brander also lower and lower.Now, some large brand only attente the highest fair such as Canton fair,Shanghai Frankfurt exhibition with long history.Mnay stationery manufacturers said that they will hold more cautious attitude for smaller stationery exhibition.
Why consumers cold to fair?
Besides the reality reason such as weather and not enough publicity,the attraction of stationery exhibition is declining.In the different marketing market,it is hard to attact the people through discount.
There are many promotion in stationery market.The frequent discounts will reduce the attraction of fair.It is reduce the vistor and make the differentance in attract investment in the fair.
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