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Development of stationery brand require combination of E-commerce

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-06

E-commerce will be the future development,but most of domestic electricity supplier are still stuck in the level of selling outdated goods,discount sales and to attract the attention of Internet users by low price.The advantages of the electronic and service did not get better display and with the poor user experience.So,China stationery brand should to choose what kind of e-commerce platform?

As we known that the better model will helpful for the healthy development of an enterprise.However, for the stationery exporter enterprise,how to achieve rapid breakthrough in the new market and keep or expand the market share?It is need a develop practical and feasible operation strategy.

Product strategy:Original design and winning in speed

Traditional stationery enterprises want to rapidly broken the online shopping market.It is require to do the change in products design and development.The update speed of the brand stationery is more quickly than the offline product.There are only two or three series of renew proudct for the offiline big brand.But in the network,consumers would like to see some think newer or sepcial .Who can meet the such demand,who can gain more share in their heart.
So,besides to keep the quality products,the speed of the original design is also should be improved.To speed up the pace of product updates and meet the demand of different personality require.Only then can be lead in the network market.

Marketing strategies:Innovation network

It is obvious that the traditional marketing have not suit to the new mraket not matter in the online or offline.It is require the new marketing to suiti to lead in the the such many electronic commence.So,how to combintion the new model?It is a worth to ponder for the developing stationery manufacturer.

Real interactions require consumer to be able to fully participate in the proudction cycle such as brand,product design,development and the sales.How to combintion with the personalized demand,the large-scale proudctions and the sales.It is the important developing direction of future stationery supplies.Personalized dones not mean the high costs.Just like the Muji from Japan,it is provide the good model to China stationery factories through the internat.

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